About the project

Can you recognize some of this?

You’re an established and successful company with superior offerings on mature Western markets. You may have been selling products to Asian markets for some years, but despite the higher market growth rates here, you are experiencing difficulties to further grow your business here by tapping into the local customer segments, since these markets are radically different from your mature markets, and challenge even your most basic assumptions. You probably talk to and get inspirations from other local companies, but may have difficulties in transferring their experiences, good as well as bad, into your own situation. If you're a smaller or medium-sized company, you will most likely also struggle with lack of time or resources to develop, as most of your effort is spend on daily operation, serving your existing customers.

A free opportunity to grow 

The Kata Foundation and the Danish Industry Foundation now offers you another path to growth in Asia, specifically in India, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Thailand, where you walk together with other Danish companies guided by local consultants and are trained to withstand the arising challenges. It’s free to participate, but it requires an open and sharing mind and a willingness to invest time and some money in growing your business in one of these markets.

Do you want to know more? 

If you’re interested read more about the seminars and consulting support we offer you for free, the learning evironment we create for your company, the kind of companies we seek for the project, and finally how to register for the first inspirational seminar. You can also read about the two foundations behind the project and the experienced project team you will meet.

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