Learning environment


Any business can grow by luck. A key belief of the Kata Foundation is, however, that sustainable growth of a business involves a learning process with sharpening of the organizational competences according to the challenges of the market. Therefore, a major concern for Kata Foundation in all our projects is to create an action-learning environment for the participating companies, where t
hey work and experiment with their own real challenges and projects. Through workshops and seminars the companies are supported and trained by local experts in designing solutions, which they test in the market for fast feedback and adjustment.

A trustfull environment

The Kata Foundation is built upon the two corner stones of learning and innovation and has more than six years of experience in creating trustful learning environments across Danish and Asian cultures. Therefore, we are highly capable of facilitating learning processes in a trustful cross-cultural environment, where project teams feel safe to bring forward their own challenges and quickly become responsive to external support.

What's in it for us 

Let's be honest on a final note. It free to participate in the Suitable for Markets in Asia project, but you should always remember the popular saying: “if you're not paying you're the product”. Both foundations behind the project aim to increase the competitiveness of Danish industry and believe that a few successful companies can lead the way for the many companies following afterwards. Therefore, we are ready to invest our resources in supporting a few set of companies to succeed on their markets while learning and sharing their best practice to a larger set of companies. Thus, we have the dual roles of supporting your business to success in the market while at the same time learn why you succeeded – or maybe not. Afterwards we will disseminate this knowledge into other companies. Naturally this may raise some concerns about confidentiality of your business. We want to become your trusted partner with this project, and respect your wish for confidentiality. Therefore, we will not share anything without your permission. Take a look into the documentation of our previous projects here (asiaNBC, Frugal Solutions and Suitable for Growth) if you want to see the typical outcome of our close cooperation with companies.

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