The purpose of the Suitable for Markets in Asia project is to help Danish companies in overcoming barriers when building and growing their business in one or more of the emerging Asian markets: India, Indonesia, The Philippines, or Thailand.

The project runs from mid-2015 to mid-2017 through three phases with increasing support to the participating companies. It's free to participate in the project.


In the initial phase Danish companies are invited to an inspirational seminar in their local markets, where Kata Foundation will present the Suitable for Markets in Asia project as well as their knowledge about adapting business to growth markets in Asia. This knowledge is acquired through the Suitable for Growth project that has been one of the largest projects in Denmark on business adaptation to an emerging market, in this case China. The participants are invited to share and discuss their own ideas about how to grow their business in Asia. Companies interested in continuing to the next phase must roughly describe a potential growth project in their local market and submit this to Kata Foundation after the seminar. It's not required to participate in the seminar to later submit an idea, but it's recommended since it's an opportunity to get in dialogue with the Kata Foundation.

The best projects will be selected by Kata Foundation and continue into the first phase, where the companies will be supported in developing a more detailed strategy and plan for growing their business in the chosen market segments. The support consists of four 1 day seminars with the other participating companies in the market, where experts and local consultants will train the companies to better understand their markets and develop a business plan. The phase ends with an evaluation and selection of the most promising projects that will continue to the second phase (up to 4 companies per market).

The support will be intensified in the second phase*, with the aim to take action and execute the strategies in the markets and demonstrate growth in the business in terms of increase sales and number of customers. The support consists of several one-to-one sessions, where a local consultant work together with the company team to grow their business.

In all phases we strive to create a unique learning environment for the participating companies.

* The Danish Industry Foundation and Kata Foundation reserve the right to cancel the second phase if none of the company projects have sufficient growth potential.

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