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Peter Skat-Rørdam

Peter Skat-Rørdam, PhD, M.Sc.,

Peter Skat-Rørdam has extensive knowledge of and capabilities in new business creation gained from both international practice and research. Peter Skat-Rørdam has orchestrated new business creation in two corporations and has been part of or headed 6 ventures one of which is major success today.

At the Executive Business School of the Technical University of Denmark, Peter Skat-Rørdam initiated and directed what has been said to be one the most intensive executive corporate entrepreneurship programs in the world, based upon a network with 20 international experts and 14 corporate partners.

Peter Skat-Rørdam has a PhD in Corporate entrepreneurship and a M.Sc. in economics. Peter Skat-Rørdam has written various papers and publications on new business creation and a book on opportunity driven business development. He is a recipient of the prestigious IFMA and Tuborg research awards.

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